Tythna was a conlang I started years ago for one of my Thundercats fan characters modelled after our first cat (Maa, who is your host). It's inspired by the Japanese word 'tatami' and has now been redone to actually use the International Phonetic Alphabet.

It has a lot of audio, which may or may not be accurate to the IPA, but I did my best.

This is my first Twine game.

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Is that /v/ a bilabial or labiodental fricative?

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I definitely enjoy and like this project.

I need some help for making a game like this with Twine and some advice for improving my very first conlang, especially for the "cohesive vocabulary development" part. The link to my current conlang project is at the ConWorkshop, over there:


Definitely still work in progress but I definitely will appreciate your help as I try to make a couple of tiny games, either analog or digital, like here.